Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We have friends that live in Cedar City and we all got together and said it was about time for another sledding trip. I was certainly ready because the last time everybody went, I had to stay home and work. :( This time Carson was able to go as well! I'm not sure he had as much fun as the rest of us though... He usually loves playing in the snow but we made the mistake of taking him down on the sled right away. The hill was kinda big and he was sitting in my lap. By trying to keep us from going too fast I kept my feet in the snow. Well that also kicked up a lot of snow into our faces and he didn't like that AT ALL! From then on he was cold and in a bad mood. Poor kid! But the rest of us had fun and really enjoyed the snow. Next time we take Carson sledding we'll be sure to start him out on smaller hills! :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008


This year for Christmas we stayed in St. George. It was most especially fun this year because Carson is one year older from last year and is so much more attentive and aware of everything. We went over to my parent's house on Christmas Eve for dinner and games and then stayed over night. We decided to do this because on Christmas...the more the merrier right?!! We woke up at 8:00 Christmas morning and all went upstairs to see what Santa had brought everyone.After we had gone through everything plus our stockings, we then broke into the presents! With 8 people (Mom, Dad, Nolan, Tionna, Ragna, Mori, Quinton, and Carson) we had A LOT to open! Just to make the event last longer, we all took turns opening presents one at a time. That way we all got to see what everyone got. "Oooooo! Ahhhhhh! Very nice!" ;) The whole morning, start to finish, took us about 3 hours! Carson loved opening his presents as well as everyone else's presents! He especially loved opening presents that were toys! If he found anything but, he'd toss it aside and start on the next! Carson got cars, cars, tractors, trucks, and MORE cars!!!! He has really loved these toys and spends his time lining them all up over and over again. He also got a very cool rocking horse from his Gramma Jensen. It makes sounds, wiggles it's nose, and shakes it's tail. He rides it and says, "Yee Haw!" His uncle Nolan got him a mini basketball hoop and basketball which his Grampa has taken the time to teach him to jump and dunk it! Which he them follows by clapping and telling himself "Good Dob!" He got many fun things this Christmas but those were some of the highlights. Quinton's big gift this year was a shock for his mountain bike. He also got mtn. bike shoes and mtn. bike socks. If you didn't know already....Quint loves to go mountain biking! As for me, I got a very nice comforter set for a recent purchase of our king size bed. Quint surprised me and picked it out all on his own. He did an awesome job; it's gorgeous! I also got shoes and clothes and then gift cards to go shopping! (My favorite!!!) Anyways, the rest of Christmas day we just hung out and relaxed. We watched new movies, played new games, and ate a lot of candy and food! (I think Quint finished all of his Christmas candy that day!) We finally came home Christmas night at about 11:00 and crashed in bed! I was able to get well rested for the next day...Boxing Day! (Canada) I was able to go shopping and spend some of my money that I'd received! :) It was a great Christmas!

Our Christmas tree and presents

My parent's Christmas tree with ALL the presents tucked around and underneath it. This picture doesn't even do it justice! It was crazy!

Stocking and Santa stuff

Carson loves his cars and tractors!

My new comforter set and Quint's new jacket...that he thought was super cool!

Quint gave me a new purse and high heels. Very cute! Thanks honey!

Quint got new mtn. bike shoes and...yay! A body pillow!

Carson loves his new basketball hoop and his cool horsey!

Shootin' hoops!

Carson loves to line up all of his cars in a row.

After everything was over, Carson had a lot of fun playing in the wrapping paper!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


This year we had Thanksgiving in St. George. We had family come from Arizona and Salt Lake City to be with us. Both mine and my mom's house were so full of people but we were all together and we all had a blast! At my mom's house there was my G'ma & G'pa Anderson, Joni, Jay, Kayla, and Cortney's baby Ali. At my house we had my two uncles Kelly and Alan, my cousin Jared and my brother Nolan (who stayed at my house the whole time to be with Jared). Then on a couple of nights, we had all the kids over at my house to play games all night. That included Tionna, Ragna, their friend Gina, and of course Nolan and Jared.
We had Thanksgiving dinner and my mom's house and then played games and hung out all night. The whole weekend was a party and we all enjoyed being together and enjoying one another's company.

Family Picture! We're missing a few people, but you get the idea!

Gramma, Grampa, and the Kids! ...plus Carson :)

Gina, Tionna, and Mori

DOGGIE PILE!!! Poor Gina on the bottom...

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So my friend Annalee called me up on the 19th and asked me, "So do you have your Twilight tickets yet?" This just reminded me of how much I wanted to go but that I really wasn't! I told her "no" in a very sad voice almost hopeful that she had some way to change my plans. She then tells me that her mom won 4 tickets to the Thursday midnight preview. Her mom didn't want to go so she gave all the tickets to Annalee! Then she asked ME to go with her!!! AHHHH!!!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! I went to the first midnight preview of Twilight!!! It was awesome! Although like any movie that follows a book... the book is so much longer and gives so much more detail. So I was a little disapointed that the movie ended so quick and that every scene felt like it went by too fast. Oh well, I guess that's expected! The actor they used for Edward Cullen wouldn't have been my first pick but by the end of the movie, I'd have to say that...he's grown on me. He does a good job of playing the character.
So, for anyone who hasn't seen the movie yet, I do recommend it. It was good and I do plan on seeing it again! ....I can't wait for the second movie to see Jacob play a bigger role! :) The wolves will be interesting to see!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Carson's Birthday!

Well, Carson's 2nd birthday wasn't that long ago so I'd thought I'd go back and blog about it....

Carson turned 2 on August 19th. We went to the "water park" in the middle of town with G'ma & G'pa Herrin, Nolan, Tionna, and Ragna. (Ragna is a foreign exchange student living with my parents from Germany.) We brought some snacks and everyone sat and hung out or played in the water with Carson. Of course Carson was in the water! He LOVES playing in the "splash pad" fountains or running in the stream. After a little while, we all went back to our house for cake & ice cream and to open presents. This year we took a chance at buying Carson some matchbox cars and a car track. BIG HIT! He loves his cars and plays with them every day! He also got a "pop-up" tunnel to go with his "pop-up" tent. He likes playing in those too. Good for chasing and playing Hide and Seek! :)

It was really fun this year to watch Carson...being 1 year older. He had so much fun and knew a little bit more of what was going on.

Grampa and Dad watching everyone else play in the water...

Nolan's heel-kick! (He's very proud of it)

Carson laying down in the water.

Nolan, Tika, Carson, & Gramma

Tionna, Nolan, & Ragna

Carson and Daddy!

Happy Birthday Carson!

Open presents! Yay!

Cool cars!

Carson in his "pop-up" tunnel.

Nolan in the tunnel...Goofball!

Gimmie that cake!

Get ready to blow that candle!

Yummy face...

Aw! Messy kiss!

Our family :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm very new at this...

Yay! We finally have a blogspot! (I don't know about this....) I keep reading through everyone else's blogs, loving to find out what's going on in people's lives. I've heard it's easy but this just doesn't seem like me. But...I'm willing to try it for a while and see how it goes! If anyone has any cool tips or tricks, let me know! Like I said, I'm VERY new at this stuff!