Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Canada Trip!

So for this year's Cananda trip, we went up to see Quinton's bother come home off his mission. We weren't able to go up for very long but it was a quick trip that was a lot of fun and much needed! Carson got to know Einar for the first time (He was 5 months old when he left) and they had an instant connection! All weekend, Carson had to know where Einar was at all times and kept playing the game of "I've fallen and I can't get up" just so Uncle Einar would pick him up, over and over again! haha
Our first day there was Friday. We flew from Las Vegas, NV to Great Falls, MT. We got there late morning and had the rest of the day to drive to their home in Alberta (3 hours away) and hang out the rest of the day. On Saturday, Gramma Kinniburgh treated us all to lunch and then later, Quint and I, Katie and Einar all drove to Lethbridge (45 mins. away) to go shopping and out to eat. Carson got to stay home and hang out with Gramma Jensen...neither one was complaining! ;) On Sunday, we went to church to hear Einer give his talk. This is where Carson had us trying to contain our laughter the most! Einar was sitting up on the stand and of course, Carson had to ask, "Where Einar go? Where Einar go?" ...loudly. Then once Carson found where he was sitting, he extravagantly waved at him high in the air embarrassing him, I'm sure! But it was so hard trying not to laugh! Then there was a musical number where a lady sang a beautiful song that captured Carson's attention. As soon as she was done singing, Carson yelled out. "WooWooWoo!" Just like he does at any other concert or performance! It was hillarious and everyone in the room immediatly turned to look at Carson and snickered right along with us! That's where I got embarrassed! THERE IS NEVER A DULL MOMENT WITH CARSON!!!
The rest of Sunday was spent at their home with friends and family stopping in to visit all night long. It was great to see everyone again!
Monday night we went home. Carson was pretty good on both plane trips this time and absolutely loves watching out the window whenever there is something to see. He's just like his dad in that aspect! My only complaint about the whole trip was...HOW COLD IT WAS UP THERE! I was deffinately not ready for the weather and it gave me a whole new appriciation for St. George weather...even the hot months! I LOVE St. George!!
Here is a picture of Carson and Einar....Best Buds from the hood! ;)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This winter season has been so much fun! Normally in St. George, we only get about 1-2 days of snow each year and it usually happens after Christmas sometime. This year, we've gotten about a week's worth of snow days already and all before Christmas! So if we plan like every other year, that means we still have a few more snow days to come! I know other people may be thinking how crazy I am for loving the snow this much but then you just don't understand "St. George snow". White snow on the red mountains...pretty! And then when it snows down here, it usually doesn't even snow enough to stick on the ground. That means we get to enjoy it and see how pretty it is but the most important part is that we DON'T HAVE TO DRIVE IN IT! Yay!
This year, we had a whole day and night where it snowed and left us the next morning with about 3-4 inches! It has NEVER snowed that much in the whole 11-ish years that I've lived down here. I was so excited! The next day, they called a "snow day" from school and all the kids got to stay home and play in the snow! Can you believe that?!! 3 inches of snow and they call a "snow day." I remember living in Salt Lake City and walking to school every day in that much snow! So anyways, me and Carson decided to go over to my parent's house to play in the snow with Nolan, Tionna, and some of their friends. We made a snow man...first time doing that here! We had a snowball fight, and we went sledding down our neighbor's driveway! We had a lot of fun and Carson learned how to pick up snow and throw it at someone. It's pretty much an automatic reaction to seeing snow now...see snow, pick it up, throw it at the person clostest to him! Ta-dah!
We hope everyone one else out there is having as much fun as we are in the snow! :)

Our house in the snow!

Our snow man! Eyes: golf balls, nose: a pine cone, mouth: very small rocks!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


This year for New Year's, we decided to do our own party. First, me, Quint, and Carson went down to Town Square in St. George for they're 10th year anniversary of "First Night". This is a big celebration that the city puts on. It starts at 7pm and goes till midnight. They had entertainment for everyone of all ages. Blow up bounce houses, mechanical swings, arts and crafts for the young kids. "Dance Dance Revolution," "Rock Band," and karaoke competitions for the teenagers and up. A car show, a magician, a music concert, and more...for everyone. They also put out huge metal garbage cans all over the place with open fires inside so people can stand around them for warmth. (Yes it was a cold night! Probably between 25-35 degrees) We just put Carson in the stroller and walked around for about an hour checking everything out. Carson just loved seeing everything going on!
Then we left and went back to our house to meet our friends from our old ward, Luke and Kristelle Wilkins. We turned up the music, played pool, and ate. Then we broke out our new game called, "Would You Rather?" For anyone who hasn't heard of this game...it's hilarious and a lot of fun! We played games all the way till midnight. Then our friends left but Quint and I were still wide awake so we played games again till after 1am. We had a great time and love getting together with family and friends to celebrate the holidays!