Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We have friends that live in Cedar City and we all got together and said it was about time for another sledding trip. I was certainly ready because the last time everybody went, I had to stay home and work. :( This time Carson was able to go as well! I'm not sure he had as much fun as the rest of us though... He usually loves playing in the snow but we made the mistake of taking him down on the sled right away. The hill was kinda big and he was sitting in my lap. By trying to keep us from going too fast I kept my feet in the snow. Well that also kicked up a lot of snow into our faces and he didn't like that AT ALL! From then on he was cold and in a bad mood. Poor kid! But the rest of us had fun and really enjoyed the snow. Next time we take Carson sledding we'll be sure to start him out on smaller hills! :)

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