Saturday, November 22, 2008


So my friend Annalee called me up on the 19th and asked me, "So do you have your Twilight tickets yet?" This just reminded me of how much I wanted to go but that I really wasn't! I told her "no" in a very sad voice almost hopeful that she had some way to change my plans. She then tells me that her mom won 4 tickets to the Thursday midnight preview. Her mom didn't want to go so she gave all the tickets to Annalee! Then she asked ME to go with her!!! AHHHH!!!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! I went to the first midnight preview of Twilight!!! It was awesome! Although like any movie that follows a book... the book is so much longer and gives so much more detail. So I was a little disapointed that the movie ended so quick and that every scene felt like it went by too fast. Oh well, I guess that's expected! The actor they used for Edward Cullen wouldn't have been my first pick but by the end of the movie, I'd have to say that...he's grown on me. He does a good job of playing the character.
So, for anyone who hasn't seen the movie yet, I do recommend it. It was good and I do plan on seeing it again! ....I can't wait for the second movie to see Jacob play a bigger role! :) The wolves will be interesting to see!


Courtney said...

I was able to go to the midnight premere as well, and I have to say that I was very happy with it! I loved the movie! Like you said, the movies are never as good as the books, but it was still good. I wasn't thrilled with Edward until I saw the movie...can I say HOT?! Can't wait for the second one either.

Annalee said...

Yeah for me! I knew deep down that you wanted to see the movie Mori - that is why you were the first one I called when my mom gave me her tickets!!!

Todd and Stacey said...

Thought I'd let you know that we had to change our blog address.