Sunday, November 30, 2008


This year we had Thanksgiving in St. George. We had family come from Arizona and Salt Lake City to be with us. Both mine and my mom's house were so full of people but we were all together and we all had a blast! At my mom's house there was my G'ma & G'pa Anderson, Joni, Jay, Kayla, and Cortney's baby Ali. At my house we had my two uncles Kelly and Alan, my cousin Jared and my brother Nolan (who stayed at my house the whole time to be with Jared). Then on a couple of nights, we had all the kids over at my house to play games all night. That included Tionna, Ragna, their friend Gina, and of course Nolan and Jared.
We had Thanksgiving dinner and my mom's house and then played games and hung out all night. The whole weekend was a party and we all enjoyed being together and enjoying one another's company.

Family Picture! We're missing a few people, but you get the idea!

Gramma, Grampa, and the Kids! Carson :)

Gina, Tionna, and Mori

DOGGIE PILE!!! Poor Gina on the bottom...

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