Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hello Friends!

Quinton and I just wanted to give all of you a heads up on the newest thing we're doing! We've discovered a nutrition system called Herbalife. Many of you have probably heard of this product line before; it's been around for 29 years and is in 70 countries. What sets Herbalife apart is its patented cellular nutrition program which is the core of the product line. This program consists of a meal-replacement shake and a multivitamin that work synergistically together to give your body the vitamins and nutrients it requires. The third product included in the core is the Cell Activator. This amazing supplement actually works to repair your body at the cellular level from the damage we've done to it from poor dieting habits, stress, pollution, etc. It helps your body to more fully absorb the good nutrition it's now getting. From that point, we can then go in to personalize your program to address your specific needs. Some of these needs include: Stress Management, Digestive Health, Heart Health, Children's Health, Energy & Fitness, and probably the most common...Weight Management. The list goes on and on!

We were first introduced to this product by my parents. They got on the product to loose a little bit of weight before their vacation to Hawaii. Bruce has now lost 97 lbs. and over 100 inches and Cris has lost 25 lbs. and 36 inches. After seeing their results, my brother and sister also got on the product. Nolan has now lost 45 lbs. and Tionna has lost 20 lbs.! We have truely seen a transformation in our family! Everyone has more energy throughout the day and gained confidence in themselves and in life! Not to mention they look great! Me, Nolan and Tionna have all said about our dad (who's been fighting with depression and low self-esteem) "We finally have our dad back!!"

This experience has made such on impact on our life that Quint and I have set a goal to also become more healthy and try to loose weight. We believe that Herbalife is the best product line out there to help us achieve our wellness goals. We have also decided to become distributors (or better put, Personal Wellness Coaches) for this company. Since Quint and I have been on the products, we've lost 10 lbs. combined in 2 weeks. Not to mention, we have a lot more energy throughout the day. :)

If anyone is interested in learning about the products...or if you know of someone else who might be interested, please let us know! We are not here to just sell products, we are here to sell RESULTS! We are fully committed to coaching everyone all along the way because we know it's much harder to do it on your own!


Anonymous said...

You've been tagged! Check my blog!

Cameron and Paige said...

my husband and I are interested. Could you give me more info. thanks