Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This winter season has been so much fun! Normally in St. George, we only get about 1-2 days of snow each year and it usually happens after Christmas sometime. This year, we've gotten about a week's worth of snow days already and all before Christmas! So if we plan like every other year, that means we still have a few more snow days to come! I know other people may be thinking how crazy I am for loving the snow this much but then you just don't understand "St. George snow". White snow on the red mountains...pretty! And then when it snows down here, it usually doesn't even snow enough to stick on the ground. That means we get to enjoy it and see how pretty it is but the most important part is that we DON'T HAVE TO DRIVE IN IT! Yay!
This year, we had a whole day and night where it snowed and left us the next morning with about 3-4 inches! It has NEVER snowed that much in the whole 11-ish years that I've lived down here. I was so excited! The next day, they called a "snow day" from school and all the kids got to stay home and play in the snow! Can you believe that?!! 3 inches of snow and they call a "snow day." I remember living in Salt Lake City and walking to school every day in that much snow! So anyways, me and Carson decided to go over to my parent's house to play in the snow with Nolan, Tionna, and some of their friends. We made a snow man...first time doing that here! We had a snowball fight, and we went sledding down our neighbor's driveway! We had a lot of fun and Carson learned how to pick up snow and throw it at someone. It's pretty much an automatic reaction to seeing snow now...see snow, pick it up, throw it at the person clostest to him! Ta-dah!
We hope everyone one else out there is having as much fun as we are in the snow! :)

Our house in the snow!

Our snow man! Eyes: golf balls, nose: a pine cone, mouth: very small rocks!


Courtney said...

This weather pattern is crazy! Doug and Kenalee live in Henderson and the were able to make a snowman as well! This is not what I want when I move to Nevada! I'm trying to get out of the snow! (Iowa winters suck)! We've been having weather in the negatives.

Dennis Family said...

Love it! When we drove through before Christmas I couldn't believe the snow...and we got to see the cute snowman. Next time we drive through we are going to stop and play a while...I already can't wait for summer!!

Andersonland said...

cute snowman!! Let's hear about your canadian trip and yes we definitely need to get together for family night, we are availabe pretty much any monday and i think the wilkens are too! Let's do it!!